Power outages and blackouts are nothing new, but major storms over the past few years have made us all more aware of the importance of electrical power.

Remember Hurricane Sandy? It unmercifully pummeled the Northeast, disrupting power to more than 8 million homes and places of business, leaving many of us without power for days as temperatures dropped. This was just 12 months after a historically destructive snowstorm hit the same region.

Unfortunately, it is expected that severe storms and power outages will continue into the foreseeable future.

Trust An Automatic Standby Generator

Automatic standby generators offer an affordable solution to extended power outages. Unlike portable generators, they are installed permanently outside your home or business and operate automatically, providing uninterrupted backup power for days. These generators are connected directly to your electrical panel through the use of an automatic transfer switch and powered by an external fuel source such as natural gas or liquid propane.

When normal electrical power resumes, the generator will automatically shut down, reconnecting your home or business to the grid. This seamless operation makes Automatic Standby Generators an ideal way to keep your home and family safe; while providing uninterrupted power for those that have electricity-powered medical equipment, cannot be without a sufficient source of heating or cooling, or are running a business.

Find the Generators Right For Your Needs

Smaller, air-cooled units can be sized to power just a few essential circuits for a small home or business. Larger, liquid cooled units can be sized to comfortably power larger homes or businesses as needed.


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