What You Can do to Prevent Your Drains From Clogging

If you’ve ever taken a shower in ankle-high tub water or had to brush your teeth over an overflowing sink, you know that a clogged drain is no joke. But the truth of the matter is that it’s just a fact of life. Chances are at some point, in some way, you’ve encountered or will... Read More

How Effective is HVAC Technology in Fighting COVID?

The last few months have been a period of uncertainty. While many strides have been made in containing the COVID-19 virus, the situation still has many of us spending a lot of time at home, or carefully engaging in public spaces mask-clad and keeping our distance. One of the things that has allowed New Yorkers... Read More

Interview With HVAC Geek Lou Tisenchek

Our staff here at Appolo Heating is a group of truly exceptional, skilled and thoughtful individuals, which is exactly why we want our customers to get to know them a little bit more. In the first in our series of interviews, we spoke to Appolo Technical Institute Training Manager Lou Tisenchek about what ATI is... Read More