Heating vs. Cooling: Which Takes More Energy?

It’s a question as old as time: is it my air conditioner, or my heating system that uses more energy and costs me more money? Ok, not really. But still, it’s a question worth asking, and the answer isn’t all that straightforward: heating a space can consume more energy than cooling a space, sometimes, depending... Read More

Help! My Air Conditioner Stopped Blowing Cold Air

Let’s imagine this scenario: It’s August, and it’s one of those days that populates much of August in the Capital Region--an absolute scorcher. You drive home from work, step out of your car, and move briskly to the front door, trying your best to escape even a brush with the oppressive heat and thick humidity.... Read More

5 Tips For Saving on Your Electric Bill This Summer

When summertime rolls around, there’s no feeling that is quite as satisfying as getting inside after some time outside on a scorching hot day and feeling the cool blast of air conditioning right as you walk through the door. The downside? That cool air comes at a cost--literally. That cost is often manifested in your... Read More