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Appolo Heating has called Schenectady home since 1968, and as your neighbors, we are part of the community. We understand the history of our homes and neighborhoods to offer you the right home comfort solutions all year round. 

We Know Schenectady

From the historic Stockade downtown to the General Electric Realty Plot, we understand the architecture and infrastructure of homes in Schenectady County.

The range of home types in Schenectady are as diverse as its residents, but as occupants of a river valley in Upstate New York, we have a wide range of annual temperatures and precipitation.

With average January temperatures in the teens to 20’s and average snowfall upwards of 50 inches, Schenectady residents can be in for difficult winters. That’s why annual preventative maintenance for furnaces and boilers alike is critical for a safe, warm winter. 

In the summer, with temperatures routinely hitting the 80s or above and a good amount of humidity, there are plenty of days where the heat feels oppressive. A routine maintenance program for your air conditioning unit will help it keep you comfortable all summer long. 

Whether it’s hot or cold, everyone needs hot showers and functional water heaters. With cool Summer nights, fireplaces can also be used most nights of the year, and with three seasons being allergen heavy, indoor air quality and filtration systems help you breathe healthier at home every season.

The cold winters and hot summers in Schenectady keep Appolo busy year-round. But it’s always best not to wait until you need us to call. Trust us, a cold night in December is the last time you want to be making an emergency call. Instead, get in touch early in the fall for routine boiler and furnace maintenance and have your AC checked in the spring before the need becomes urgent.

Check Out our Local Customer Reviews

Check Out our Local Customer Reviews