“We have used Appolo for over 17 years for regular maintenance and repairs.  They installed the original heating system in our home and a central A/C system after we moved in.  They are prompt, courteous, and professional in their work and in the office.  They will answer all of your questions and explain what they have done.”


“They have excellent services. They are very professional, organized, and their prices are reasonable. I would recommend them.”


“I contacted Appolo Heating Inc. for an estimate to replace our furnace with a High Efficiency unit.  Joe Bennett, sales rep,  stopped over to our home and gave us an estimate on a Lennox SLP98UH090XV48C – AFUE  ECM motor gas furnace/90,000 BTU/98% efficiency, Comfort WiFi Thermostat, Healthy Climate HCC1628 Filter Cabinet. I felt that Joe was friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced in his job. As for the cost of a new furnace, I thought his price was fair market.

The service installers arrived at our house on time.  The two servicemen greeted me and were very friendly, they explained the installation of our new furnace.  After the installation was complete the one serviceman explained how to use the new WiFi thermostat, how to replace the furnace filter, and stressed that yearly maintenance was important to maintain the service warranty. Before they left the serviceman asked if I had any questions or any issues during the installations.

I was very satisfied with the installation. Right after the installers left my home I called Joe Bennett and I let him know that the servicemen completed the installation and that I was very pleased.”


“They’re pretty good. My husband came home and it was in the wintertime and there was no heat so we called the night service guy and over the phone, the guy troubleshot it for him to get it going and that was like the best thing ever. It was so important to us and he could have easily just said, ‘Okay. I’ll be out there. It’s gonna cost you 200 dollars.’ He was unbelievable.”


“They are a good heating company. We have a rather special deal with them in that we are using a geothermal ground loop heating and air conditioning system and they maintain it for us and they do a good job. We have an annual contract with them for routine maintenance. They are the only people in the area that do this type of work. They are reliable and knowledgeable. Their prices are reasonable but I have nothing to compare them to. Their responsiveness is excellent. I pick up the phone and they come right out. The quality is excellent. They usually give us a block of time when they will be here and they are always here within that time. We will certainly continue to use them.”


“Now let me tell you about the wonderful experience I had with your TECHNICIAN, Abbas.  He was professional, personable, did a great job and equally important put a very nervous senior citizen at ease.  He spent a great deal of time trying to find the problem and remained here until he was sure that the boiler was going on and off properly.  I found him to be forthright and honest, two extremely important qualities.  He appears to be old school in his work ethic.  This is a quality I admire because it is too often not found in the world today.  I also discovered that he and I are of like minds.  By this I mean we both tell it like it is.  We discussed many things regarding the boiler and life in general while waiting to be sure everything was working correctly.  By the time he left I felt that I was talking to an old friend.  I can assure you that if I ever need service again I really only want him on the call.  He is surely an asset to the company.”


Appolo’s Priority Customer Service Agreement

Our professional, expert technicians will visit your home and perform full-service maintenance tune-ups and cleaning on your HVAC Systems. That includes Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Boilers, Heat Pumps, and more.

Our comprehensive Priority Customer Service Agreements are available for all types of systems, and best of all, as an annual service plan customer, you get top priority! That means whether you have an emergency, or just need to schedule your check-up, we’ll ensure you get the best quality care and prioritized scheduling. Our plans are designed to give you peace of mind and comfort while addressing all of your heating and cooling needs at an affordable price.