Toilet Repair and Replacement

Dealing with a leaking, backed-up, or inoperable toilet? Appolo is skilled in assessing and repairing your toilet issues ranging from clogs, faulty valves, or leaky pipes. We also provide toilet installations and provide you with recommendations to ease your transition in replacing your old toilet. Our certified experts will provide you with premium insight and service to repair your issue effectively in a timely manner. Speak with an Appolo expert today to meet your toilet repair and replacement needs.


General Plumbing

Are you interested in general plumbing installation or repairs? Our team of licensed professionals offers plumbing solutions to every part of your home or place of business ranging from your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and laundry room. Our certified experts are confident in providing you with premium piping installation, replacement, and repairs services. Appolo ensures your system’s longevity and peak performance and backs this with our emergency plumbing services and Priority Customer Service Agreements. Speak to an expert today to find which plumbing services meet your needs today.


Drain Cleaning & Jetting

Do you find that your drains are often clogged or perform poorly? Appolo offers professional drain snakes and drain jetting to effectively unclog your drain from obstructions. Our experts may need to clean or snake your drain to break up or draw out your blockage. For heavier clogged drains, our experts use hydro-jetting to more forcibly rid your drain of obstructions and problematic build up. Call to set up an appointment with a technician for a free estimate on your drain issues today.

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