With energy costs in the Northeast on the rise, Appolo Heating is here to save you more money on your home’s heating costs.

Let Appolo Heating install a new high-efficiency heat pump in your home to provide you with year-round comfort for you and your family. We service households all throughout the Capital Region, with locations in Schenectady, Wappinger Falls, and Vestal, NY.

What Are Heat Pumps?

Air source heat pumps have been used effectively for years throughout the United States to provide heating options for our customers.

The air source heat pump technology has advanced greatly in recent years, allowing us to offer better home heating options in colder regions such as ours. The technology and efficiencies of heat pumps have increased so that now some units are capable of heating your home effectively even when the outdoor temperature reaches -20.

That is just the start of what a heat pump can do for your family’s home comfort. A heat pump also delivers your family cooling capabilities to ensure that you are comfortable year-round in your home.

Save With A Heat Pump

According to the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, the average yearly energy savings when using a heat pump is $300.00 per year. Who couldn’t use an extra $300.00 a year while still keeping their family warm and cozy throughout the long hard winters and the humid summers of upstate New York?

Let Us Handle Your Heat Pump Needs

Appolo Heating has factory trained and certified technicians ready to make sure we provide and install the perfect system to meet your family’s needs and comfort levels. As a certified Lennox dealer, we can provide the best equipment for your home today.If you have a heat pump that requires service or repairs we, of course, can help you with that also.


Priority Customer Service Agreements

Our Priority Customer Service Agreements provide our customers with peace of mind and cost savings. Keep your air conditioning equipment running at full efficiency, and spot issues that need to be repaired before major problems arise. Our ongoing maintenance agreements help you stay cool on every hot day. Learn more about the service agreements available to protect your AC equipment and other HVAC systems. Check out our options today!