Have you considered buying a central vacuum cleaner for your home? If you would like to be able to vacuum your house quickly and quietly, without having to push or drag around a vacuum cleaner, you should consider installing a built-in central vacuum system.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

Central vacuum systems are built into your home. They include three basic components; a power unit that includes the system motor, filtration, and a collection bucket that is installed in a utility room, basement, or garage. These systems provide up to five times more cleaning power than your traditional vacuum cleaner does.

These systems are put together using PVC piping and wires that are typically installed inside interior walls, closets, and between floor joists that connect the power unit to inlet valves that are strategically located throughout the living area. A powered hose (approx. 30 to 35 feet long) and attachments plug into the inlet valves and activate the system when needed.

Since the motor for your new central vacuum cleaner will be located outside of your living area, you can vacuum quietly without disturbing others that may be watching TV or talking to others. Additionally, fine dust particles and allergens are captured in the remotely located collection bucket and won’t be blown back into your living spaces as typically happens with most portable vacuum cleaners – another important factor, especially if someone in your home suffers from allergies or breathing problems like asthma.

Let Appolo Heating Install Your Central Vacuum Cleaner

If you are building a new home, installing a central vacuum system earns certification points under both the National Green Building Standards and LEED for Homes.


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