How Duct Sealing Can Reduce Energy Costs

In the Capital Region and surrounding areas, October and November are the perfect time of year to patch up your ventilation system. The fall weather period acts as a sort of weather neutral time; it’s not hot enough to use your air conditioning, and it’s not (usually) cold enough to make consistently blasting your home heating a necessity either. You don’t want to be without your heat- especially with nights and even some days being quite cold- but if you want to fix leaky ducts to cut energy costs for the long winter ahead, now is definitely the time to do it!

You may be wondering what the benefits of commissioning a duct sealing may be; the number of benefits, both in cutting down on energy costs among a host of other positives, might surprise you!

How Duct Sealing Reduces Energy Costs

First things first, let’s answer the core question at hand: how does duct sealing reduce energy costs? To put things simply, if you have a duct system that is leaking- whether these leaks are large or small- your system isn’t running as efficiently as it can, and that can cost you over time. In fact, considering the amount of savings attributed to sealing a faulty duct system (up to 20% savings according to EnergyStar), there’s a solid chance that having duct sealing work done will ultimately pay for itself. 

By plugging up any holes or leaks that exist, you eliminate the ability for hot air (and cold air for that matter) to escape, which will allow your system to function at peak efficiency. This means there’s not any part of the central heating process that is wasteful; the same goes for central cooling as well – making duct sealing a cost saving bundle that will last year-round. It’s the sort of investment that keeps giving, well past the time of service. 

Other Benefits of Duct Sealing 

We mentioned that the benefits of duct sealing weren’t limited to only significant energy savings, and we weren’t lying! There are quite a few other benefits to keep in mind: 

  • Improves Indoor Air Quality- We’ve been pushing the importance of having safe indoor air quality quite a bit lately, and here we have another way it can be achieved – at least in part. Getting your vents properly sealed means that not only does the warm and cool air distributed by your central heating and cooling stay where it’s supposed to (in your vents), it also means that chemicals, particles, dust and other pollutants stay out of your ducts, and therefore out of the air circulating in your home. This is a big benefit, as far as health and safety is concerned.


  • Ensures Proper Air Distribution- We’ve all experienced the notorious rooms in our homes that get an extra dose of hot or cold air during the heating and cooling process; it’s that room that you have to crack a window in during the winter, because, even though the rest of your home is at a perfectly comfortable temperature, for some reason that room and that room only is sweltering hot.

    Well, it just so happens that this disproportionately hot room in your may very well be the result of a leak – hot air that was supposed to be distributed to the entirety of the home is getting stuck in one place, leaving that space sweltering (not to mention it’s increasing energy use big time). With a duct seal, that room hoarding all the heat in the winter can be a thing of the past.


  • Helps the Environment- As is the case with basically any kind of energy bill reduction, the savings aren’t just the kind that you see in your bank account; sealing up leaks and cutting down on energy usage also means that you’re helping the environment. Less energy means fewer fossil fuels burned, which means less air pollution; that’s something anyone can get behind!


Duct Sealing Methods

That’s where we come in. At Appolo Heating, we offer 2 different types of service for duct sealing. The first one is something called “The Aeroseal Process”, which we favor because it is simple, quick, and highly efficient. The Aeroseal Process can be broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Vent and Register Blocking- This first step pressurizes your system, which allows our technology to find all the cracks and holes where air is leaking. We then hook up the technology to measure your pre-seal air duct leakage, which will give you a snapshot on the before and after.

  2. Sealant Application- Next comes the application of sealant. While sealing, we will monitor your system’s performance with you; that way, you can actually see all of the improvements occurring inside of your vents, in real time. This technology is so precise that we will only have to use the exact amount of sealant necessary – leading to virtually no waste and very little cleanup.

  3. Your System Starts Performing Better, Instantly Ok, we cheated a little here, but it’s true! After sealant is applied you’ll start feeling the difference in your home right away. We’ll print out your certificate of completion, which includes a handy before & after system performance report, and we’ll be on our way. It’s truly that simple. 

There are other options that are a little more old school, but they are tried and true, and have a history of getting the job done. These options, while effective, cannot be done to your complete system if you have ductwork that is enclosed in walls or otherwise not accessible.

The first of these options is a hand-brush application of duct mastic on all of the exposed joints of your duct system, especially the problem areas. It can be a little messy and time-consuming, but the increased efficiency of your system and overall comfort in your home, will make it a worthwhile investment. This is the more long-lasting option of these two.  

The second option we offer, is using an approved metal HVAC tape on all of the exposed joints of your duct system, especially the problem areas. It is clean and simple and can be completed in less time. This option, although more affordable, may not last as long as the Aeroseal process or duct mastic. 

No matter which type of service that you opt for, our experienced techs will take care to ensure the job is done properly, so that you and your family can have a more affordable and wholly more comfortable experience this winter. 

Sold on sealing your ducts? Contact Appolo Heating to schedule a duct sealing appointment now! If you can get your ducts sealed before the truly cold winter weather starts rolling in, you’ll start seeing results in both in your home and on your energy bill! 

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