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Why Your Boiler’s Low Water Cutoff is So Important

Have you ever put the kettle on, walked into another room, and forgotten all about it? If you don’t have a whistling kettle--and sometimes even if you do--this can be an easy mistake to make. The repercussions of an error like this can be relatively harmless (you boil up all your water), expensive (you crack...

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4 Signs Your Heater is on its Last Legs

Do you think your home may need a heating upgrade? Have you noticed that your house doesn’t seem to be getting as warm as it used to? Or are some parts of your house are colder than others, while other parts are too hot? Or are you constantly having to change the thermostat to stay...

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What Are Central Heating Systems and How Do They Work?

If you’re a current or soon to be homeowner, you probably have or are familiar with the term “central heating.” In fact, the majority of homes in the US have central heating installed. Central heating systems heat homes by generating warm air or hot water in one location and then distributing that heat evenly throughout...

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