Appolo Heating Earns Super Hero Status

Appolo Heating has achieved “Super Hero” status through the “Be A Hero” program. This recognition comes at the completion of a series of educational courses designed to help the Appolo team strengthen our commitment to healthier living and environmental responsibility. The Super Hero recognition is another step in our continuing effort to offer ongoing support to our builders and the highest quality services to our residential customers.

In order to achieve “Super Hero” status employees within a company must participate in training that is focused on energy code proficiency at both the commercial and residential level. Companies can become designated as “Home Energy Heroes” by having employees attend three classes. However, in order to reach the status of “Super Hero” employees must attend a total of nine classes and receive 36 hours of training. Some of the topics covered by the program include Energy Conservation Construction Code basics, compliance and best practices for both commercial and residential buildings.

The Next Generation of Energy Efficiency aims to bring consumers the “next generation of dependable contractors with energy efficiency as their marker for success.” A moniker that well describes Appolo Heating. The Heroes program specifically, is designed to help customers “identify the home professionals who have invested their time and resources into training and education to understand advanced building and energy codes and ensure their products and services meet or exceed these standards.” As a result of this undertaking Appolo Heating will be featured in the website’s “Home Energy Hero Spotlight.”

For Appolo, achieving “Super Hero Status,” is yet another initiative in our pursuit to provide the comfort, health and energy efficiency that today’s homeowners expect and deserve. As always our continuing mission is to be industry leaders in service and quality, including mastery of the latest standards and practices for energy conservation.

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