Appolo Heating

At Appolo Technical Institute, we believe in teaching our techs
at the same high standards we operate from
every single day.

Our training program structure is a proven method. It includes a combination of classroom training, hands-on training and field mentoring. This structure enables trainees to better understand the why and how to do the work that we do at the standards we uphold every single day.
The fundamentals of training include the theory, operation and installation of residential heating systems; the theory, operation and installation of residential cooling systems; indoor air quality, air flow and the fundamentals of electricity, including how to use a handheld voltmeter (VOM) and basic troubleshooting.
The objective of the training is to provide the trainee with fundamental HVAC skills so that each graduate effectively enters the workforce as a member of the HVAC Geeks here at Appolo Heating. Our techs are driven by excellence, integrity and expertise -- we personally guarantee it.

Do you want to be an HVAC Geek?


We’re always looking for team members who value learning, like working a job they can brag about (even if they always stay humble), who can think quickly on their feet, and who aren’t above telling (or hearing) a good dad joke.

Think you’re the geek for the job? Apply here. Or meet an Appolo Geek on our blog’s Geek Corner!

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